Two eagles awake one winter morning to the sound of an approaching helicopter. While mama eagle flees, papa defends their eggs but is captured by the insectile monster, leaving mama to raise three eaglets by herself.

Mary feels a similar loss and stress, but her mate succumbed to no epic battle; he simply left. Her daughter, Lissy, perhaps in response to her father’s abandonment, is brimming with teenage surliness, so when Mary’s father, Ed, dislocates a hip, the idea of sending Lissy to assist him seems to “kill two birds” until she discovers he’s already taken on a helper—a runaway boy who’s shown up with a wounded owl. Reluctantly, she leaves Lissy with him anyway.

Ed’s dog, Shep, strongly approves of Mary’s decision, but Lissy herself is not so sure.

This is not a whimsical tale, but a fable of violence and loss in a beautifully unfathomable world where weeping nights may yet break with dawning joy.

Fiction; 226pp. 6x9 hardcover; isbn: 1-978-1-939636-03-4; price: $18.99

6x9 paper; isbn: 978-1-939636-04-1; price: $9.99

Kindle: 978-1-939636-01-0; price: $4.99

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Indelible characters, two-legged and otherwise, power this superb, melodramatic tale. —Kirkus Reviews

Not every little girl is a princess, and not every bear isn’t.

A good fairy tale does more than entertain and frighten children. It also teaches what virtues are worth pursuing and what vices are to be avoided. The best fairy tales go further: beyond failure to the reward awaiting the repentant at the end of the long road to redemption. A few tales in this collection may be unsuitable for children, but all strive to impart a little wisdom to the foolish and  encourage a bit of folly in the wise.

Here be dragons and rodents, brave warriors, lonely wanderers, and, yes, even a princess or two. Together, if you give them a chance, they will lead you to Faerie, and, if you’re lucky, they might even leave you there.

Fiction; 150pp. 6x9 paperback; isbn: 978-1-939636-10-2; price: $11.99

Kindle: 978-1-939636-11-9; price: $3.49

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For as long as there have been stories, there have been those who asked, “Did that really happen, or are you just making it up?” In the last 150 years or so, the debate over whether Genesis or science is telling the better truth has heated up dramatically. Did God create the world in six days? Were Adam and Eve actual, historical figures? Personally, I believe Adam and Eve indeed once walked the earth as living beings. As for the creation—I believe rather that it took God six days to tell the story of the billions of years spent tending this garden of galaxies.

But Genesis continues beyond the first few controversial chapters to other, obscurer stories. This book is my imaginative attempt to retell those stories, stripping away some of the age-old lies with new ones of my own, in order to ferret out the deepest, most obvious truths of the Bible: that we are but seeds, whose deaths will bring new life a thousandfold into the Milky Way, the more so the more willingly we die.

How wrong am I? Find out for yourself what lies at the heart of Genesis.

Religion; 58pp. 6x9 paperback; isbn: 978-1-939636-50-8; price: $9.99

Kindle: 978-1-939636-51-5; price: $2.99

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I’m told there is a lion who wants to meet with me. I am told that he is fierce and unpredictable and very large. I have known about him for most of my life, and at times I’ve believed I caught a glimpse of his shadow, but I have yet to actually meet him face to face. His name is Aslan, and it’s possible that you’ve heard of him.

C. S. Lewis has created a wonderful place, a place where anything can happen. Even the stones can talk. In Aslan’s Call Mark Eddy Smith shows us how—in this fanciful world—we discover the truest reality. In the children who travel to Narnia we find ourselves. In Aslan we find Christ. And in the place of Narnia we find the very adventure for which God made us.

We begin with the journey, and it is the journey that shapes us.

Nonfiction; 128pp. 6x9 paper; isbn: 978-1-939636-40-9; price: $16.99

Kindle: 978-1-939636-41-6; price: $2.99

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“I will take the ring, though I do not know the way.”

The mere recollection of [this phrase] can move me to tears. I have been reading this tale since I was eleven years old, taking it from my shelf every year or so and returning to Middle-earth. . . . As I get older, and learn more of what sort of person I am, and continue sojourning to the rich soil of the Shire and the high tower of Minas Tirith, I discover that many of my notions of what is good and right and noble in this world have their source in that one.

In the journey from birth to death, you will be asked to leave behind everything you have known, and to bear what treasure you have to an uncertain end. When the road is invisible, impassable or crowded with foes, the tale of Frodo and his friends offers hope that you will be given the strength and the help you need to keep walking, as well as a reminder that you are not alone.

Nonfiction; 154pp. 6x9 paperback; isbn: 978-1466345447; price: $13.99

Kindle: 978-1-939636-31-7; price $2.99

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